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Link-u chat platform
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Link-U Mobile Chat - Features

Client Side
- Compatible with all java MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 phones
- This is 95% of phones sold in Europe today.
- Easy client app installation process, through automated WAP PUSH messages
- Real Time, IRC-like Chat for MIDP 2.0 phones
- Near Real Time Chat via HTTP Gateway for MIDP 1.0 phones
- SMS invitation can be used to initiate chat (1v1 or more)
- Custom Easy to use GUI, skinnable to your own Brand
- Ability to take and send pictures from within the chat (MIDP 2.0 only)
- Plays sounds
- Graphic smileys, customizable
- Optional 128 bit encryption for complete privacy

Server Side
- Runs on any J2EE 1.4+ industry standard server
- Available as fully Managed services or Dedicated Server
- Uses Java NIO (Non Blocking IO) for high scalability
- Pluggable to any B2C credit / invoicing system through HTTP or XML/RPC
- Administration interface via web browser:
- . View logs
- . View transactions (chat credits, for invoicing)
- . Moderate chat confortably
- Fully extendable upon customer request

Contact us for pricing and availability.