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  Device Detection
Link-U Mobile - J2ME Device Detection Webservice for WAP servers

With so many different implementations of J2ME devices, more and more it becomes mandatory to have special versions of every mobile application. Some phones will have a firmware bug, some other will have jar size or heap limitations.

One could simply provide a list of supported devices but experience has shown that most users are likely to make errors and quite a few of them don't even know the model of the phone they are using.

Link-u provides a simple solution for this problem. Just make a simple HTTP request to our webservice with the User-Agent of the phone that wishes to download your application and we'll return you all the information you could need about it. Everything is transparent to the user. He clicks on a wap link and the correct version is detected and served automatically. Our service supports both XML-RPC and plain HTTPRequest.

Here is the typical information you could get when connecting with a Nokia 7210 phone:

ua=Nokia7210/1.0 (3.09) Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0
namephone=Nokia 7210
namegroup=Nokia Series 40

All phones are categorized into groups that bundle information about midp profile, screen dimensions, heap size and maximum jar size. You could easily assign a version to each group, to a specific device or to any device meeting the required parameters.

Contact us to start serving your applications efficiently thanks to our webservice.

A list of currently detected phones is available here. We update the list regularly to include up to date information from the biggest constructors, such as Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, SonyEricsson (...). Every unsuccessfull request (unknown phone) is logged so we can update the service as required.