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So you can take pictures with your mobile phone? Well now you can do even more thanks to the innovative FunnyWarp application! Take a picture with your camera phone and then warp it to get the funniest results. Have fun distorting your friends and family's faces in order to give them a Cartoonesque appearance!

Main Features:
- Instant warping
- Automatic eyes-detection mechanism
- Both predefined and manual warp modes
- Upload the images directly to a dedicated website
- E-mail the images to your friends
- All that from your phone!

- Nokia Series 60 Midp 1.0 phones with MMAPI support (anything newer than 7650, including the 3650).

- All new generation Midp 2.0 phones with complete JSR-135, including but not limited to: Nokia Series 60 v2 such as Nokia 6600, Siemens CX65, C65, M65, SL65, Sony K700, K500, F500, Z1010 (...). In other words, basically all phones that have a working getSnapshot() method.

- This application like any other requesting a camera is unfortunately not compatible with phones that have an incomplete MMAPI implementation (no working access to camera from java) such as Nokia 6230, Motorola V300,V400,V500 ... Although these phones do have a camera, it is not accessible for java apps.