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This is the first game to use the cam'fun technology to detect real life movements with your phone.

A.D. 2039, Global warming has caused a vast amount of the ice cap to melt in the southern pole. Out of the once eternal ices suddenly emerged the remains of an Ancient Civilization.

The Antar expedition was formed to explore this fascinating lost world.


In this game you will have to move your phone in order to control your ship. Just hold any button while moving your phone to make the hero fly. Release the button and you ship will roll on the rocks. You will have to use your energy carefully, flying only when necessary and rolling when possible. At the same time you'll have think about how many relics you can save at a time while still avoiding the tricky ennemies.

In Antar every level is a uniquely hand drawn picture.

But don't be distracted by the background, ennemies are all around!

This game runs on all Nokia Series 60 phones that have a camera and support MMAPI (Nokia 3650, 6600 ...). Read more aboiut the cam'fun technology here.

Download the PDF documentation here.

This game is available at the following locations:

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